Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quick Tips on Stay & Training in Motion

Before I go back to attempting to get the most out of a three day weekend (in preparation for an upcoming work trip) there are a couple of things I want to cover. (Sorry for the short post this week but next week will feature an extra special Tricks and Treats post to make up for it. :)

First off, as someone with pet costume photo/judging experience, I know how many of you struggle with dogs who will not sit still for good photos, let alone photos in costume! Some of my proudest (and most relieving) moments in training came from seeing one my students in line for costume pictures when I was the one on the other end of the camera. I always knew that those particular dogs were going to be easy to photograph because they knew how to properly "stay" when told. I've added a "Teaching Stay" link to the Quick Reference page of this blog to help you get on the right track if your dog just doesn't seem to understand the basic concept. The technique described requires a calm and quiet approach, nothing fancy or difficult at all. It is imperative that you follow the advice of adding difficulty gradually (and always make sure to revert back to "easy" stays from time to time so your dog doesn't think it's always going to get harder). Once your dog is reliable with the command you should practice briefly and lightly touching your dog while he/she is in the "stay" position before marking the behavior (saying "Yes!") and rewarding. This will help tremendously when it comes to putting a costume on him (especially something simple like a hat) or even examining him for health or grooming purposes. There will be much more to come on the stay command so if you're looking for something more in depth, just stay tuned.

Next, is the announcement of a new series of video segments called "Training in Motion." Some lessons are much easier to understand when they are demonstrated and some people just learn better that way in general. Not to mention, Training in Motion is going to open up the door for unique opportunities to make the blog more interactive. I am extremely excited about this and hope to have our first full segment posted very soon. Please take a moment to view the Training in Motion teaser below!

Thanks for reading and remember to stop in next week for a really fun blog post! As always, don't forget to suggest our page to others on Facebook. :)

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