Saturday, January 14, 2012

Meet Mr. Chewy!

It may come as no surprise to most people that I'm pretty picky about what I feed our dogs. In the beginning of our relationship this probably threw Matt for quite a loop! Most of what our dogs eat is prepared at home but I have recently taken a huge liking to The Honest Kitchen line of foods. Unfortunately, they can't be purchased in my town.

On the bright side, I do love shopping online. I also love reading reviews of products and merchants and always take them into heavy consideration. Product and service descriptions are one thing, but the experiences of people like myself are what tend to stand out to me. I take each with a grain of salt but collectively, they usually provide a good picture of what you might end up getting.
Price is also a big deal to me. I'm not made of money and my dogs don't have jobs so yes, when shopping for their food a big part of my online hunt was to find the best price.  Furthermore, being able to find a good selection of products for a fair price is always nice.

Also in my list of "needs" is reasonable rate for shipping. A low price for the product really doesn't help me at all if the shipping is going to make up for what I would have saved versus going to another store!

Speed of shipping and good customer service are, of course, very high on the list as well. If something goes wrong with my order will I be contacted to sort things out or is someone going to treat me with a "Too bad, so sad" attitude?

I'm happy to say (especially for those of you who like to shop online like me) that after ordering my dogs' food from a couple of different places now, I've found one I am confident with:

A Facebook friend of mine posted her referral code and I happily used it to save some money on my order. Shipping was free because my order was over $49 and it arrived in just a couple of days via FedEx. Most impressive, was that we did have an issue with the billing address on the card that we used and a representative from Mr. Chewy was right on the ball, emailing me right away so that we could sort out the problem and eliminate my order from being delayed. The service was extremely personal and she was so polite and helpful. (Thank you, Karly!)

Last, but most importantly, if you use my referral code to order from Mr. Chewy they will donate $10 to a  respected and reputable animal rescue (such as Best Friends Animal Society). In addition to this, you'll save 10% on your order. :)

Referral Code: TERR2671

So, there is my plug for the week. Rest assured, I wouldn't speak so highly of this place if I didn't plan to do a lot of business with them in the future. I reserve my support for those organizations and companies that deserve it and I'd love to see Mr. Chewy continue to do well!

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