About Us

I (the human) am a 30-year-old dog trainer living in Owensboro, KY. At this very moment I have an almost eight-month-old bull terrier half hanging out of my lap making it very difficult to write....and that is a pretty typical evening at home.

Obi, the aforementioned terrier, is the inspiration for this blog and a great example of why people love dogs. He is now somehow hanging over my shoulder and weighs around 45 pounds. ASUS laptops, by the way, will apparently take quite a beating.

Getting back on track...

Obi was rescued by his foster mom from a situation where he might have been put down due to the fact that he is blind in one eye. She drove several hours to get him and several weeks later my boyfriend and I adopted him (thanks to a friend who pointed us very enthusiastically in Obi's direction).

His breed is one that you still don't see very often where I live, and so he and his foster mom's other bull terriers were the first I had ever met in person. I experienced love at first sight for Obi and only five months later, I have a great appreciation and general love for the breed as well. These are dogs with quirks that few are insane enough to appreciate. I had read about some of those idiosyncrasies and initially underestimated the literature. I now respect it in a way that I can't put to words. These dogs are fireballs...but they are also sweet in a way that I never knew a dog could be (and I've had dogs all of my life; I've also worked with literally hundreds by now). They do everything to the extreme, even bedtime. And when I say "extreme" I'm talking about a special brand of crazy.Things will get broken and people might get hurt (not due to aggression but attempts to defy the laws of physics) but immediately after the fact, your bull terrier will thoughtlessly shove his head into a hole that he'd previously ripped into his dog bed and very loudly pass gas (true story).

My other dog Cricket, as well as dogs from the past, have taught me that some things really do have to be considered Serious Business. Obi, however, has taught me that you can make a pseudo-crisis absolutely hilarious.