The following services are available primarily during the day on weekends and on weekday evenings. Most services (with the exception of some focused on socialization, desensitization, and/or more advanced classes) occur at your home.

For exact pricing or more information send an email to:

Dogs adopted from ANY rescue or shelter are eligible for discounts on any service!

Initial Phone/Email Consultation: This is a free service which allows you to get some insight on whatever behavior issue you might be having with your pet.

Potty Training Consultation: Sometimes effective potty training comes down to managing a proper schedule or making sure that your home is set up to prepare your dog or puppy for success. During this consultation, I will evaluate your specific situation to help take the stress out of housebreaking.

Behavior Modification Classes: This class is designed for dogs or puppies who have a specific behavior or two that need improvement. Topics covered range from possessiveness to biting.

Canine Good Citizen Testing: The AKC Canine Good Citizen program was put in place to recognize dogs (of all breeds or breed mixes) who exhibit good manner and training in public. For more information on this program please see the AKC's website: 

Basic Obedience/Canine Good Citizen Classes: A beginner class that will teach your dog the foundation for future success. Topics covered include sit, down, leave it, stay, off, and loose leash walking. Socialization is also covered and those who wish to go on to the Canine Good Citizen test will need all of these beginner behaviors first. 

Intermediate Obedience: Intermediate class will solidify the behaviors learned in basic and add other behaviors to set your dog up for continued success. Those interested in pursuing dog sports or recreational activities (such as heel-work to music or agility) will find this class invaluable for preparation. Dogs must have passed basic obedience before entering into intermediate.

Advanced Obedience:  Advanced obedience takes our foundation behaviors on the road. Dogs in this program will be taught and expected to display a high level of self control at home as well as in public. Dogs must be solid on basic and intermediate behaviors before entering advanced class.

For exact pricing or more information send an email to:

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